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Please leave laser cutting, cutting, bending, laser welding to Limited Company Takami Industries located in Nagoya City of Aichi Prefecture.
We are a group of professionals in laser processing which will ensure processing of metal materials such as stainless steel in small lot with minimum delivery time.

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Trust in winning by providing stable quality

Cutting Professionals spreading three-dimensional cutting technology

Freedom of creating a variety of forms by design based on outstanding experience and richness of ideas

Trusted technology and relentless challenge meeting a vide range of needs

"3 Strengths" of Takami Industries
Proven Record of 16 Years since Foundation.
Specialist in laser processing.

We are specialists which perform of all kinds of designs, processing and polishing
using metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. We perform variety of processing types starting from custom laser fusing processing for food and chemical
plants or building materials which are used in outdoor architecture frames
to small parts which require accuracy to the level of 0.1 millimeter.We carry on processes of laser fusing, bending and welding in-house and can ensure cutting up to 0.1-22mm and welding up to 0.2mm level.
We have the self-confidence and pride in the laser processing technology. Please contact us for the most challenging Processing requests, which were given up by other companies.

Fulfilling 98% of Customer Request!

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We are professionals of stainless steel processing.
We hold stainless plates stock of different thickness (up to 22mm) in-house and perform cutting, bending and welding according to customer request. We process a two-dimensional plate into a three-dimensional object. Please contact us for the inquiries regarding difficult metal materials. Our company has a solution.

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Minimum delivery time of just 1 Day possible!

Minimum delivery time of just 1 Day possible! image

We target same day shipment for fusing processing of stainless steel products orders which have been received at the period from previous night to midday. The same standard is applied to bending and welding processing. Consultation is required in case of combined machining and complex processing. Our programmers challenge the equipment of the limits of its abilities, and ensure achieving minimum lead time processing of any shape.

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Full knowledge of laser processing Group of Professionals

Full knowledge of laser processing Group of Professionals image

Limited Company Takami Industries was established 16 years ago by Ryuji Machida (Taka) and Minoru Tanaka (Mi). Two first letters of their names formed the company name Takami. We gathered several young fellows and trained them to become our 9 key professionals who handle our processing equipment skillfully and carefully. Please leave stainless laser fusing, bending and welding to us.

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Our Processing Methodology

Laser fusing processing image Laser fusing processing

Laser fusing processing performed by our company includes various types of non-oxidation processing. Our process does not allow oxygen touch surface of the work being processed which basically makes the process of final polishing not necessary. Accuracy level up to 0.1mm is possible with size limitations being 1,524×3,048mm.

Bending image Bending

Our company performs processing of both – Difficult metal materials and High standard Resin. We can achieve highest level of accuracy due to performing Junction process in-house.

Welding/ Spot Welding image Welding/ Spot Welding

Our skilled craftsmen beat bended plate, stretch it and while ensuring necessary strain relief perform welding. Such technology is top class in the Tokai region of Japan and we carry out our company young professionals training in the tradition of "mentor" education.

Welding/ Most advanced Laser welding image Welding/ Most advanced Laser welding

By introduction of world most advanced laser welding equipment we have reached the level of almost "Complete welding" through technological innovation. Plate thickness possible for welding is up to 2mm.

About Takami Industries

Limited company Takami Industries is a company of versatile workers.
Our programmers constantly assist laser equipment and bending machines operators which makes it possible for our operator to be performing multiple tasks on various machines including laser equipment, bending and cutting machines at the same time.
Our bending machine operator is in process of training to perform strain relief and spot welding, lathe processing and operating a laser welding equipment. Our spot welding craftsmen is being trained to use laser welding equipment and simultaneously teaches young workers the art of spot welding.
Our accounting specialist performs functions of inspection and shipment control as well as helps other workers in processes such as polishing, welding and bending. Sales representative is helping other workers in filing necessary paperwork.
Nonexecutive director is in charge of financial and labor affairs as well as performs new equipment purchases and funds procurement including subsidies.
Our Chairman is watching over the whole company business with special responsibilities in delivery and bank related issues as well as performs functions of cutting machine operator. Our President and CEO is also watching over the whole company business and gives instructions regarding programming as well as trains young workers in operating laser welding equipment.
Since its foundation in 2000, Takami industries has overcome various difficulties and is proud to have advanced equipment and young energetic work power which enables the company to be performing today.

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Telephone:052-389-5611 FAX:052-389-5612 Hours|Weekdays9:00〜17:00

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